High-End Stereo, Distributed Audio & Mobile Entertainment Systems

High-end stereo

Music consists out of two elements; the actual sound and the emotional/artistic content. A high performance system means you will connect to your favourite music much easier. Whatever your taste, we will have a system that will extract the most out of whatever medium you prefer. From a top end vinyl record player to a state of the art media streamer, we have you covered. Top quality cables, power conditioners as well as audio furniture rounds of the total solution for hours of musical bliss. Come and listen to timeless systems from brands like NAD, Marantz, Rotel paired with speakers from Vivid Audio, Sonus Faber, Bowers & Wilkens and many more.

Smart-Fi Music - High-End Stereo Systems

Distributed audio

Imagine high quality music filling every corner of your home, streamed from your pc, phone or favourite internet service like Spotify, Apple music or Tidal - effortlessly controlled from your smart phone or tablet. Well, the reality is that it is easier to achieve than ever before. If it is a centralised controller with keypads or any of our network streaming speaker solutions, the choice is yours to make.

Our go-to brands are Sonos, HEOS, Bluesound, Control4

Smart-Fi Music - Distributed Audio

Mobile entertainment

You simply cannot live without your favourite tunes and need a compact performance system to tag along to a party or something to break the silence while camping. Portable blue-tooth speakers are hip and in fashion, and they look and sound better than ever before. We stock brands like JBL, Cambridge Audio, Klipsch, Paradigm and may more.

Smart-Fi Music- Mobile Entertainment

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