Smart Home Automation

Imagine… with just one touch, you can stream high-resolution music throughout your home, adjust your air conditioner temperature, lock the doors and arm your alarm. These are just a few features that a home automation system can add to your lifestyle.

Audio-Visual Entertainment

Enhance your audio-visual entertainment experience by having access to all your favourite streaming platforms available on a simple control app that has been optimised for simple and quick operation. All the various remote controls are replaced by a dedicated touch screen handset or use your smart phone or tablet. Stream YouTube in the lounge, Netflix in your home cinema and Spotify outside by the pool.

Smart-Fi Music - Audio-Visual Entertainment

Lighting, Curtains & Blinds

Controlling the ambiance in your home is key to comfortable living. All lights inside and out can be pre-programmed to different scenes, providing you with just the right amount of light for any mood. Curtains and blinds can also be programmed to open and close as the sun sets and dawns without you having to move a finger. Activate lights automatically as you enter a room for hands free movement throughout the house. Security features can be incorporated to activate key light circuits, even when you are not home.

Smart-Fi Music - Residentail Automation

Energy management

With our planet struggling under the huge demands for energy, controlling the available resources is of great concern. With a variety of control circuits available, power consumption can be measured and controlled effortlessly. Adjust temperature for optimal efficiency with our HVAC solutions for comfortable living while controlling warm water systems for huge savings. Even your irrigation system can be optimised to save water by measuring moisture content and rainfall, before adjusting to optimum watering times.

Smart-Fi - Energy Management


A well-designed automation system can make your security concerns a hassle-free event. CCTV cameras, alarm system and access control are set up to work together and can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world. You can get live feeds to your phone and provide access to trusted personnel to your valued property. In an emergency you can call for help with just one button.

Regardless of the size, or age of your home, Control4 delivers power and performance on one platform that coordinates the technology in your home into complete interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for the whole family to enjoy. A surprisingly cost-effective solution from Control4 can be designed and professionally installed by our team without concerns about after sales service. We are based in Mbombela, and only a phone call away.

Smart-Fi Security

Home Entertainment Simplified

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